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I'm a freelance online architect. I design and build smashing websites.

What I do

There are a number of things that I really love in this world and one of them happens to be web design. I’ve always enjoyed the prettier things in life and there is no exception when it comes to technology and the online world. Working with the latest web development languages I am able to produce great looking web pages for your businesses unique needs. Want to know the latest? Give our Facebook page a like:

What to expect

Being an upcoming freelance web designer, hiring me provides you with direct contact to the person who is designing, coding and implementing your website. I can code visually rich websites built upon the amazing Wordpress Content Management System which is both highly user friendly and a great companion in your first steps towards an online presence.


Anything from small business websites, independent blogs or something a little different, I’ll design & build it. Just let me know what you want and I’ll give you a quote today!

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If you're looking to give your existing website a refreshed new look, you’ve reached the right place. I can design logos and other branding material which can help benefit your business in the long run.

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Online marketing is an ever-growing market. It can help any business develop it's annual sales if done correctly. I can design and implement your very own eCommerce website, uniquely tailored to your businesses needs.

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Development Only

If you’ve already got a website designed by someone else, let me know so I can help you implement it! I don’t mind, and I’ll even give you a domain name and hosting free for one year.

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A picture of Ross

What about the designer?

I’m a graduate web designer from Durham, UK. I provide websites for both local and world-wide businesses and it’s my goal to make the internet at-least 95% better looking! I take pride in the fine details and enjoy brainstorming with people to build and design upcoming ideas into realities. The websites which I build are tailored to suit your businesses and budgets together without compromise.

Thinking about a website?

You've started up a business or your becoming noticed on your blog, now what? We all get that feeling of wanting more and that is why I'm here to help you.

I design with your visitors in mind, focusing primarily on site responsiveness and user friendliness. In 2014, more people visited websites from their smartphones than their laptops and a year later that figure is still increasing at a higher rate than ever.

Why go mobile?

I could give you 30+ reasons to go responsive but here are just a few of the best ones: First off, going responsive means that you're future-proofing your website. Making your website compatible with multiple pre-existing devices such as mobiles and tablets increases your accessibility along with future compatibility with devices to come. Being responsive isn't a trend, it's a must, a marketing requirement. Be cost effective, SEO friendly and smarter with responsiveness.

I Design for the User Experience

Designing for a positive user experience is a great way to define a potential user’s perception and response for your website. I do this by increasing the relativity of your user’s needs which allows me to see what would and wouldn’t work online. This helps to remove unwanted clutter which may restrict the accessibility of your website. What does all that mean? I design great looking websites which function well.

Band together your Brand

Branding is a great tool used to self promote. It's used as recognition, independence and can generate future referrals. There is a lot more to it then a well designed logo, but that is the best place to start! Branding can be anything from a thought out customer service approach, retina-ready graphics and a great looking website to the way you speak to your client's in context. If you're after a sure start, well thought-out visual branding scheme, then I'm the guy you're after. Designed on the latest, most highly rated software around, your graphics will never have looked so good. Get in touch with me today to get a quote.

Get Your Shop On

Do you shop online? If yes, then why not let your customers shop online? If you are looking to expand your business and increase your market area, opening up an online shop is 10 steps in the right direction. Online retail sales from the UK alone have reached a whopping £52,250,000,000 in 2015. Can you imagine the possible increase in revenue your business could obtain? ‘Fantastic’ I hear you say.

Want to know something else? Along with designing and hand-coding your new website, I also have the skills to implement your very own eCommerce store. If you let me know, I can give you an accurate quote today.

From PSD to Live in No Time

So you've took the first step to bettering your business and have had your website pre-designed by a professional. Now what? If you send me your designs, I can have them turned it into a real, live website in no time at all. I’ll develop your website off of the existing look you’ve had pre-designed! They don't even have to be designed by me. As long as they're in digital format, I'll be able to produce just what you ordered. All you have to do is tell me you've already got designs from someone else and we'll start from there.

Want to know more?

If you've got more questions you want answered, if you want to chat to me about your company or if you just want to say hey, drop me a message by clicking the button below! I can guarantee that I'll reply the same day and get your quote sent to you quickly.

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