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Homecut Designs founder Sally had contacted me in relation to designing and developing an e-commerce website for her growing craft business. She specified what she wanted on the website but was unsure of a captivating design which would allow her sales to grow. It was from this point, great ideas were crafted together in harmony by both of us to further help with her up and coming business. Sally was not familiar with web design. She specified that she would like a website which was easy to update and simple to add products to the store front. It was from here, I decided Wordpress was the best option for her.

I developed the website using Twitter's Bootstrap 3 framework, HTML5 and CSS3 standards, along with providing retina-ready images and using media queries to provide a better optimised, mobile-friendly version of the previously designed site. The website holds an interactive commerce store; set up with her business Paypal account, an image slider to promote her latest items and sale events along with a contact form for her to receive any enquiries and contemporary orders.

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What about the designer?

I’m a graduate web designer from Durham, UK. I provide websites for both local and world-wide businesses and it’s my goal to make the internet at-least 95% better looking! I take pride in the fine details and enjoy brainstorming with people to build and design upcoming ideas into realities. The websites which I build are tailored to suit your businesses and budgets together without compromise.

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