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Coda 2

I used to use Coda when I first began web designing. It was my first paid-for step into the world of coding and I had heard raving reviews from many people about this code editor so I thought I'd give it a shot. Well, I must say, after several years now, it is still my number 1 go-to code editor for OS X and helps me speed code!

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Macbook Pro Retina

I've only recently just replaced my Macbook Air 2011 model with a Newer Macbook Pro with Retina. If I'm being totally honest, it's a wonder I accepted the non-retina screens for so long! Feast your eyes on this Macbook Pro's display and you'll be hooked for life! It is also important to mention how fast these machines are and how adaptable they can be for new users. With a great support network online and with Apple Geniuses just a call away, it's hard to see why people wouldn't want one.

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Photoshop CC

Moving on from Photoshop CS6, with Creative Cloud, Adobe now offers their remarkable Photo Manipulation software with an affordable price tag! You can get Photoshop CC & Lightroom using their "Photography" plan from only £8.75 a month, which is a great price considering it's used to be up-front cost of £600+. I personally use Photoshop to design logo mockups, produce engaging colour pallets and edit photos whenever needed for my clients.

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Illustrator CC

Like Photoshop CC, Adobe provides Illustrator as a pay monthly cloud package for £17.15. I wouldn't ever not use Illustrator CC to complete my client's final logos. With the use of resizable vector images and the never-ending, always-helping online community of Illustrator users, it's easy to see why this application is the go-to for graphic designers.

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Sketch 3

If you're after a OS X, lightweight design application then Sketch is for you. It incorporates every aspect of web design I can think of and allows easy to use actions to help me provide visually stunning prototypes for my clients. With Sketch 3 I can produce a 10+ page mock-up design in full colour in a matter of no time. And all to the amaze of the client.

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iPhone 6+

My mobile phone is my lifeline and that is why I purchased the iPhone 6+. It's sturdy in the hand, packed full of features and best yet, looks great both on-screen and on-person. With iOS and it's ever-growing app store, it's easy to see why app developers love the iPhone so much. This is why people continue to see great looking applications, built for the little things in life. My iPhone helps me organise my client meetings, edit web-pages on the go with the Dropbox app and take stunning photos with it's 1.4-micron pixel camera.

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