Healing Pure Hearts

For this project I was contacted by Lisa to design and develop a promotional website for her new Holistic Therapy business. A website was not present before now, so I had full control from start to finish on providing new graphics, branding and layout ideas to the client. It was also requested that a place to publish updates on the business was present on the new website and a blog was later agreed that this would be the best approach to do just that.

The front-end/back-end Wordpress project was completed. HTML5 & CSS3 were used to create the structural format and layout of the website with the help of the Bootstrap 3 framework. JS was used to provide slight CSS3 animations. PHP was also used to connect both the back-end Wordpress admin area to the front-end content. This helped the client to update the site frequently along with self-maintaining their own online space with ease.
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What about the designer?

I’m a graduate web designer from Durham, UK. I provide websites for both local and world-wide businesses and it’s my goal to make the internet at-least 95% better looking! I take pride in the fine details and enjoy brainstorming with people to build and design upcoming ideas into realities. The websites which I build are tailored to suit your businesses and budgets together without compromise.

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